High Uber driver costs, Australia ❤️ coal, Iceland glacier memorial, lying oil companies, & more!

Uber lost $5.2B, cars are 💩, scooter riders embracing ownership, Tesla misleading on safety, & more!

Rentiers pushing Brexit, gating sidewalks for AVs, not-so-green scooters, & more!

Electric SUVs are not green; opposing eviction with maps; transit austerity narratives; Piketty on centrism; & more!

The case for dumb cities; lying French billionaires; energy-efficient social housing; Red Vienna; & more!

World War 2 as inspiration for climate action; new cities criticism; Uber and transit; Musk troubles; & more!

Should Lyft be running bikeshare services? NYC cyclist deaths; AV safety regs; changing SF & Oakland; & more!

Critics take on Sidewalk Labs over Toronto plan; L.A.'s 1899 bike highway; Toronto ride-hail issues; Pride Month; & more!

Tech bringing back the company town; NYC legalizes scooters; ICE raids; Canadian hypocrisy; & more!

Uber drivers may become employees; Jump hikes e-bike prices; spotlight on Tokyo; mining for EVs; & more!

Finance fuels housing crises; Spain's left-wing mayors; housing the homeless; unprofitable Uber; & more!

How Uber used the media; Egyptian transport; Oslo's car restrictions; Madrid's reversal; & more!

Electric cars require dirty mining; Elon Musk back on his bullshit; tunnels under Paris; & more!

✊🏙 California's SB-50 on hold; Labor loses in Australia; micromobility; public housing; Exxon; & more!

✊🏙 Humans killing nature; Uber IPO flops; seniors on e-bikes; fossil-fuel subsidies; & more!

✊🏙 Future of micromobility; automobility's human cost; Vancouver & Melbourne livability; Green New Deal; scooters; smart cities; & more!

✊🏙 Showing love for buses; Vancouver transit booming; Musk misleads customers; Push documentary; New Zealand; California; Cuba; & more!

✊🏙 Cities are going green; Australian election focused on climate; legal code subsidizes driving; Sidewalk Toronto; Notre Dame; & more

✊🏙 Uber S-1 reveals new details; Barcelona’s superblocks; Canada warming 2x global average; Hudson Yards; Toronto; flooding; & more!

✊🏙 NY approves congestion pricing; tech-transport’s false promises; Melbourne Apple store dead; #BlockSidewalk; overnight trains; floating cities; & more!


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