Biased algorithms, left history of tech, Uber AB-5 lies, cars expanded policing, & more!

WeWork exposes gig economy, Airbnb scam, LAX Uber whining, NYC delivery mess, Deadspin solidarity, & more!

Libraries for bikes, pedestrian deaths up, Lime losing $300M, critical look at media, & more!

Silicon Valley is no ‘free market‘, take control of the future, SUVs increasing emissions, automating poverty, & more!

Amazon sponsors oil event, SUVs are not safer, AOC at C40 forum, #DeleteUber for good, & more!

EVs aren’t enough, WeWork exposes Uber, auto ‘safety’ systems not safe, Airbnb hikes rents, & more!

Tech's predatory pricing, ditching delivery apps, the oceans are in trouble, Uber killing transit, NYC taxi bailout, & more!

RU turns 2 🎉, nationalize Greyhound, GND builds a new society, Bezos responds to worker demands, Climate Strike, & more!

Uber must be stopped, superblocks save lives, Hyperloop is bullshit, Amazon delivery dangers, & more!

Smart city surveillance straitjacket, Big Oil ties to Brexit, AB5 likely to pass, 'Super Pumped', & more!

Uber needs regulation, Musk hates trains, Germans ❤️ cargo bikes, Melbourne kills Apple Store, racist tech, & more!

Tesla is a ‘lifestyle’, not a solution; UK MPs mull car ban; older riders ❤️ e-bikes; ecofascist revival; & more!

High Uber driver costs, Australia ❤️ coal, Iceland glacier memorial, lying oil companies, & more!

Uber lost $5.2B, cars are 💩, scooter riders embracing ownership, Tesla misleading on safety, & more!

Rentiers pushing Brexit, gating sidewalks for AVs, not-so-green scooters, & more!

Electric SUVs are not green; opposing eviction with maps; transit austerity narratives; Piketty on centrism; & more!

The case for dumb cities; lying French billionaires; energy-efficient social housing; Red Vienna; & more!

World War 2 as inspiration for climate action; new cities criticism; Uber and transit; Musk troubles; & more!

Should Lyft be running bikeshare services? NYC cyclist deaths; AV safety regs; changing SF & Oakland; & more!

Critics take on Sidewalk Labs over Toronto plan; L.A.'s 1899 bike highway; Toronto ride-hail issues; Pride Month; & more!


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